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A Sustainable Approach to Historical Costuming: Frugality, Digitization & Applied Learning

Recipient of the Suny Potsdam Learning & Research Fair 2024 Provost's Award for Excellence in Student Research. An advanced, long-term study of a concentrated period of fashion history intending to provide opportunity for independent instruction through the production of full garments, utilizing primary sources of the period(focus placed on c.1902-1907) and placing emphasis on purchasing sustainably from small businesses and secondhand establishments. This project is supported by SUNY Potsdam’s Presidential Scholars Program, click the link below for more info!

Starting with foundation layers, support garments were constructing using both thrifted and donated material, with various patterns drafted from period diagrams and illustrations.

Edwardian wire-frame hat construction

with the help of 1886: Costume On Masterclass!

Outer layers sewn up and details added for flair! Facings, lace trims, and bias finishings were all sourced from remnants of supplies used earlier in the project or scraps from the cutting stage.

And finally, it's done! A spectacular outfit complete with all appropriate underlayers, millinery, and period finishing details - constructed 100% sustainably.


Completed project featured at the SUNY Potsdam Learning & Research Fair 2024!

Awardee, Provost's Award for Excellence in Student Research

Lex Jerome

Patterns & Fabric Sources

Combinations: TVE02, cotton flat sheet

Corset: BS#1015, thrifted coutil

Petticoat: TVE03, donated cotton flat sheet & antique lace/ruffle trim

Corset Covers: self-drafted from extant examples, thrifted lawn & muslin

Blousewaist: BS#0816, thrifted silk crepe & donated trims

Skirt: TVE22, donated linen

Overtunic: Past Patterns 3973, donated printed cotton

Belt: self-drafted from extant examples, donated linen & lined with cotton flat sheet

Hat: created through 1886 Costume On Masterclass, donated trim

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